3 Tips to Help Your Deposition Reporter

When you are in a deposition, it is vital that you have an accurate transcript. We want to help you build a strong case, so helping us can actually help you. It is likely that what is said in that deposition will be used in court, so it needs to be absolutely correct. There are certain things that you can do to help your deposition reporter create an accurate transcript.

3 Tips to Help Your Deposition Reporter Create an Accurate Transcript

Follow these tips to help your deposition reporter create an accurate transcript.

1. Go Over Any Spelling Clarifications With Your Deposition Reporter

Deposition reporters type phonetically. They type what they hear rather than each letter individually. This means that deposition reporters often have difficulty with words that are spelled differently than how they sound. Before the deposition, give your deposition reporter a list of words or names that may be difficult to spell. Once the deposition is over, asking your reporter if they need any spellings can help reduce research time for your reporter, but more importantly, ensure that your record is accurate.

2. Speak Slowly and Clearly

It’s the deposition reporter’s job to make sure that they have an accurate transcript of the deposition. They are trained to type quickly and accurately, but it can be difficult to create an accurate transcript if the attorneys or deponents are speaking over each other, mumbling, or speaking too rapidly. If your reporter cannot understand or needs to interject for the sake of the record, this can harm the natural flow of the deposition.

3. Use Full Words Instead of Sounds

Many individuals during a deposition use sounds such as “uh-huh” or “nuh huh”  instead of “Yes” or “No”. While deposition reporters can write these sounds into your transcript, it will make the transcript confusing at a later time because there is no intonation in the transcript. If you are questioning a deponent and they tend to make sounds instead of saying yes or no, asking the deponent for clarification can eliminate confusion for anyone reviewing the transcript at a later time.

An Experienced Deposition Reporter Can Ensure a Better Transcript

When you hire a deposition reporter from a court reporting agency, you are more likely to obtain a reporter who has been trained on how to handle the various situations we’ve discussed. Court reporting agencies will vet the deposition reporters so that we can help you find the right reporter for your deposition. We make it as convenient as possible through our 24-hour scheduling services and our easy portal for ordering a transcript. When you hire a deposition reporter from an agency, you can feel confident that you will obtain an accurate and complete transcript that you will easily be able to use in your case. Our agency can even provide you with a private conference room where you can conduct your deposition. Contact us if you have any questions about our deposition reporters and any of our other services.