3 Features of a Reliable Court Reporting Agency

When you want to use a court reporting agency to hire a court reporter, there are a number of things that you need to think about. You want to choose the best agency so that they can meet your needs. An unreliable agency can be a headache. It is important to use a court reporting agency that you can trust.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Court Reporting Agency

Take a look at these features that the best court reporting agencies should be offering their clients.

1. Court-Approved Reporters

This is the number one item that you should consider when you are trying to find a court reporting agency. Check to make sure that the agency hires court-approved reporters. When you hire a court reporter that is court-approved, there is much less paperwork and you know that they have the necessary experience to handle any court case. If the court reporting agency does not appear to hire court-approved reporters, look for a different agency.

2. Full Court Reporting Services

Does the court reporting agency offer all types of court reporting services? Do they have deposition court reporters, as well as all types of trials? Do they have interpreters? Do they offer videography? It’s best to find a court reporting agency that has court reporters that offer all of the mentioned services so that you can use the same agency from the discovery stage to the verdict. You should not need to use multiple court reporting agencies for the same court case.

3. Convenience

Court reporters should we working around your needs, not the other way around. The court reporting agency needs to make it as simple for its clients as possible. Court reporting agencies can do this through a simplified hiring process, proximity to the court, and expedition.

Simplified Hiring Process

Does the court reporting agency make it easier for you to hire a court reporter through an online form? Is the agency always available for phone calls so that you can easily hire a court reporter for the same day or next business day?

Proximity to the Court

If you do need a court reporter for same-day services, they need to be at the trial on time. If the court reporting agency is nowhere close to the courthouse, it is going to be difficult for the court reporter to be there when you need them. Try to find an agency that’s as close to the courthouse as possible.


The legal world can be very turbulent. Sometimes, you will need a transcript to be expedited. The court reporting agency should make it easy for you to order a transcript and to give the option of expedition so that you can have that transcript when you need it.

When you are trying to figure out which court reporting agency you wish to use, make sure that they have all these features. These features will ensure that the agency is reliable and that they can handle your case.