Our Reporters

Unmatched Court-Reporting Experience

CCROLA was built by those impacted by the layoffs and continues to function as both a staffing agency and a professional support network for a family of professional court reporters with many years of experience who know the courts inside and out. These top-notch former LASC official court reporters provide a rare level of knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the courtroom.

CCROLA reporters know the LASC format for appeal transcripts, ensuring that transcripts are not rejected for noncompliance. We know the judges, attorneys and courtroom staff, and 95 percent of CCROLA reporters are on the LASC court-approved list—creating an additional level of security for litigating attorneys who bypass the need to formally stipulate and then agree on the professional court reporter who will cover their matters.

  • No stipulation necessary
  • No hassle with paperwork
  • No unnecessary delays